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ARIFRUT Capacitive sensor installed


First ARIFRUT Capacitive SDI-12 sensor prototype

We have designed and assembled our first capacitive sensor with SDI-12 protocol. The sensor allows to select different soil profiles throughout SDI-12 commands.

Installing nodes

Today we have installed tree dendrometers.

Calibrating soil sensors.

This week we are carrying out the calibration of the soil sensors in the lab, using the thermo-gravimetric method. We are calibrating Frequency Domain Reflectometry (FDR) and Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) probes.

Taking a volumetric sample of the soil.



Lysimeter trunkings

Today we have installed the trunkings to accommodate all the wiring of equipment and sensors around the lysimeter. Metal spikes have been welded to support gutters. The pipes of the irrigation system have also been fixed.

Set up of WiFi equipment

Set up of WiFi panels and devices to provide coverage to the sensor networks.

A 5 GHz directional link was installed between the main warehouse and the lysimeter plot. A second 2.4 GHz access point with a sectorial antenna of 120 ° covers the sensor nodes of the almond trees.

Radiometer posts

Recycling wooden post to install radiometers.

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